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About us

Our History

PRI NADLAN was founded in 2021 by the French-Israeli entrepreneur Pierre AMRAM. Surrounded by his two partners, Ilan BOUAZIZ and Rudy NABITZ, their companies first flourished in the education business. 
They had been able since to enter successfully in multiple businesses such as Renewable Energies, Jewelry, High-Tech and finally real estate investment with the launch of PRI NADLAN. 

The company specializes in commercial real estate and has been able since it’s launching to acquire multiple assets with high rendments in a small period of time. 

Since then, the portfolio of the company is in constant growth and the company is now a real actor in the real estate business in Israel. 

Smart Portfolios

Investing with PRI NADLAN get you access to our ‘Smart Portfolio’ which can you show you in real time the growth of every assets, the future investments of the company and the fructification of your investments. 

PRI NADLAN is your key to access the real estate world with small investments to begin and grow in order to be able to go further and become partner and owner of your own assets. 

What can we do for you ?

While the real estate world is growing in Israel, you need a solid partner with access and knowledge about the great opportunities on the market. 
We are there for you. 

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